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Possibility to display the deactivated OLA in sloresponse

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over 1 year ago

We would like to have the possibility to display the deactivated OLA in sloresponse as this it not possible in the current versions of Service Manager.

The business case is as follows:

• You create a ticket and work on it some time internally.
• After a while you find that this has to be assigned to the external assignment group.
• In the time period when the ticket is residing at the external assignment group the underpinning contract SLT breaches.
• You then move the ticket to an internal assignment group for some final steps before closing.
• You close the ticket.

If you at any time move the ticket to any other group than the external the system will not have any recollection of the SLT breaching at the external assignment group even if you let the system run the SLA rollup or manually regen the partials.

Further on, it could be useful to deactivate a sloresponse record when the OLA is not active instead of deleting the record.

This feature was suggested on 21-Oct-2015: