Idea ID: 2765868

Prevent Duplicate Incident from logging in Service Manager

Status : Delivered
over 1 year ago

Scenario: Users coming in a shift and are logging incidents for the same problem multiple times.

Expectation: When an incident is already logged for a particular CI and if the next user comes in a different shift and tries to log an incident with the same CI it should display the history of the incident before actual logging of the incident.

Final Goal: We want the operator to be intimated by SM before any duplicate ticket is generated with the same CI.



  •  thanks for your response but in my case, I can't see icon highlighted by you can you guide me how can i enable this from form designer or it is available in which version of SM.

  •  In current design, we have the function to display opened or closed incidents against the CI or service you filled in the incident form. The detailed step should be,

    1. In the creating page of the incident,  input the affected services or Cis

    2. There is an indicator widget besides the field, when you click, it will launch the results about opened or closed incidents against the same CI. 

    3. You can click the link to go through those incidents