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Propel Org Admin Notification On Order Failure

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

When a customer orders a product, and the order fails between Propel and the supplier, there is no way for the org admin to proactively be aware that there is an issue.   A notification would help support communicate with the end user what needs to be done (or, if there is a system issue, resolve it before the customer resubmits their request again and again)


  • Hi  -  since this integration doesn't yet exist with CSA, it's not possible to review this idea (we may be able to say 'already offered' but hard to say until it's delivered!). For that reason I am moving this to decline but theyare good suggestions and design thoughts that we will cover during design partnership calls. 

  • Thank you for the clarification , We are reviewing with the product team.

  • 2 current scenarios using our Propel integrations with Service Manager and CSA

    Failure between Propel and Service Manager

    • operator record and ntID propel user logged in with dont match
    • SM operator record doesnt allow user to submit requests

    Both will result in immediate failure. I understand that the first one will be addressed within SMAX integration - but are there other scenarios we havent come across yet? Same with our integration with CSA (and soon HCM) - would like to know the order failed before our customer does!

    Failure between Propel and CSA

    • approval takes 2 days, therefore making the subscription start date in the past (since fixed via enhancement request)
    • reason for ordering - too many characters (since fixed via enhancement request)

    We do our approvals via a "change control widget" that allows us to get approvals from Service Manager before we provision a server.

    In each of these scenarios - the order failed - but we had no idea why until the customer brought it to our attention.  A failure notification to the admins would make it easier for us to be proactive.

  • Hi  - when you say "the order fails between Propel and the supplier" what do you mean? That within SMA the request is not being sent, or something external to the system?