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Proper suite metrics

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Under Consideration
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over 2 years ago

Currently, there is no good way to actually monitor SMAX and what's happening inside it. There should be an endpoint for reading metrics from SMAX, not just by using the REST API to get indirect results which then have to be processed in some way.

For example:
- Number of logged in users (per tenant)
- Number of logged in agents (per tenant)
- Used license count (per tenant, per license-pool)
- Number of open sessions (per tenant, per cluster)
- Number of open incidents, requests, etc. (per tenant)
- Total user count (per tenant, per cluster)
- Active user count (per tenant, per cluster)

Especially since Prometheus & Grafana is the recommended way to monitor SMAX [1], I think it's only fair that it should expose some metrics (specific to SMAX, not just metrics from Kubernetes) for it to read. This would make profiling of the system easier, it would give us the possibility of making better reports for our customers if they want it, etc.



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