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Provide a type of view that combines different ticket types in a single list (To Do list)

Status : Accepted
over 1 year ago

Requested functionality :

First Priority for the following ticket types :

  1. Request, Incident
  2. Second Priority for Tasks
  3. Third Priority for Changes and Problems

Allow the view to include fields that are common to all included ticket entities - in particular these fields :

  1. Id,
  2. Title,
  3. Priority,
  4. Service,
  5. SLT.Next target time,
  6. Assignment group,
  7. Assignee

Let the view be filtered and sorted on these fields

Predefine a "MY GROUP TODO" view that automatically filters on the current user's group membership

Predefine a "MY TODO" view that automatically filters on the current user's identity


Use case :

In organisations with teams that handle both support requests and incidents, it is not obvious what ticket should be worked on next. This could be either an incident or a support request.

SMAX does not currently provide a consolidated view of both of these ticket types, which forces these teams to continuously switch between Request and Incident views.

Request fulfillment and Incident management are reactive processes that are generally subject to stringent service level targets.

Therefore, it is important to ensure timely handling of such tickets.

A single consolidated type of view would allow users to keep an eye on all assigned tickets, and always select the top one, regardless of type.


  • The Todo queue equivalent feature should have been added to SAW and now SMAX a long time ago.  It didn't exist in ServiceCenter when HP acquired Peregrine but did in the prior tool Service Desk in the form of "Service Today" that is replaced.  Customers/users have gotten used to this consolidated view over the years to see what their workload is.  Having to navigate around the different ticket locations adds overhead to people's schedule and increases the chance that things will be missed.  This should be a high priority for MF.

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  • Hi Team,

    I guess reproduce how Service Manager is handling this feature would be appreciated, since not all the table have the same fields.

    Even if our customers (for now) doesn't seem to give importance to this feature, I think that it's great to have it since it will make it clear for users what they have got to do next.


  • Hi Team ,


    We have a similar requirement where the customer wants  My ToDo kind of view where they can see all tickets . This functionality will help agents to follow one queue and without switching between modules and also helps agents who will be supporting different entities inside SMAX