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Provide an option to limit number of floating licenses per Company for Multi-tenant environment

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over 1 year ago

For companies using Service Manager as service provider and selling access to SM to external companies it is necessary to track floating licenses number per a company and be able to restrict access once consumed licenses breach the number purchased by external company.


Company A (service provider) has configured environment for company “Company B” (service consumer) which has 50 SM operators with privileges to access Service Desk, Incidents, Change and KM modules, however “Company B” company has purchased only 30 floating licenses. Service provider (Company A) needs an ability to limit number of operator’s sessions from service consumer (Company B) to 30, printing error message “maximum number of sessions for %Company% exceeded” on attempt to open 31st and further sessions.

Right now there is no OOB functionallity for this, so this typical request will be developed by each customer individually. One such implementation is to create a function that counts the number of users logged per company. Then on login.Default format control check the company of user that is logging in and in case it exceeds the limit of licenses available per company you print error message and delete session (for example calling "signal" RAD).

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