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Provide best practices guide on how to handle big email/attachment in Connect-IT or oob scenario

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over 1 year ago

I have customer experiencing this issue. Recommendation so far is to increase the JVM size to get around the out of memory error. Not sure how long this workaround can last.

I found and

Issues in the knowledge articles are not resolved and it's pointing toward usage and scenarios as the root cause. However, there's no guide or out-of-the-box scenario created to help customer deal with large email. Customer needs guidance on how to create optimised email scenario to cater for large email or have this optimised email scenario available out-of-the-box .

These days, some email include video recording to show steps on how to reproduce a problem. Connect-IT need to cater for such a scenario.




  • Hi There

    As CIT is a 32 bit application it's very limited as you have seen

    What we did was create rules on the mailboxes that moved "large" emails into a separate folder then use another method to process them

    Not sure if you are using SMAX or SMA, the other options you have are as follows

    Upload large attachments to Sharepoint or similar and attach the link to SMA/SMAX

    I have a sample powershell script that connects to O365, zips the entire mail with its attachments and uploads it to sharepoint folder. I can share it if it's something you want to investigate

    Or use e.g Operations Orchestration to process the larger emails into SMA/SMAX

    Please note SMAX itself has a 10mb limit on uploading, SMA has a larger limit afaik