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Provide iOS application as file package to be distributed using MDM systems

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over 1 year ago

Many corporations have MDM solutions to manage mobile devices of their employees. Due to security reasons, in many companies there is a restriction to install applications to company managed phones from vendor's application store (Google Play or Apple AppStore). Although they want to use SMAX Service Portal mobile application.

There is an apk package for Android available for SMAX Service Portal.

Can we please have file package of SMAX Service Portal application for iOS as well?


  • I guess there's a couple of things at play with this idea. We use Intune here, and as  says, you can indeed install the app on a device with it today.

    However, one reason you might want the package files would be to wrap the app to support extra protection. In the Intune world it's called "App Protection policies" which Microsoft documents at

    You have two options - the first, most preferable, is that the App has been built with the Intune SDK built-in, and supports App protection policies natively. That's what ServiceNow has done with their mobile app.

    The second is that you get the package files and use the Intune Wrapper tool to achieve something similar (but not quite as fully functional).

    What that looks like on a day to day basis for us for example would be that I could copy & paste an error or piece of text in my email (Outlook app which has an app protection policy) into the Service Portal app if it supported app protection when raising a request. Without it, as our policies are quite strict to avoid accidental data loss, I can only copy & paste between apps that support app protection and are "work apps". There are other restrictions you can control too, but this is one example.

    Supporting the Intune SDK natively would give the app extra visibility with customers - it obviously is only useful for those using that specific MDM but worthwhile doing.

  • :  thank you for making me aware of this. As we are not on intune right now, I cannot check this right now. I am currently investigating timelines for intune availability within our company. 

    However I do have an additional question / remark. 

    The link you referred to also includes a list op supported apps
    This list is mentioning MS partner apps, one of which is your competitor ServiceNOW. 
    Unfortunately MicroFocus IT Service Portal is NOT listed here.

    I do understand that this does not necessarily mean that the app is not supported, however I would be even better if the app is also listed here, so I can point this out internally.

  • hi   looking at the documentation for Microsoft Intune we are already compatible

  • I just voted for this as our company also requires 'security wrapping' before an app can be added to the company  appstore. 

    We are looking into Microsoft Intune as for replacing our current MDM solution. Our requirement therefore is the SMAX mobile app should work with/integrate with Microsoft Intune.


  • For the MDM like airwatch, the  most common way to push the app to device is: MDM points to the app in AppStore and then push it to the device. 

    A google search shows this: 

    Will this work for customer?