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Provide more configuration options for Smart Analytics frame

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

It would be useful to have more configuration options to allow better finetuning on when exactly the Smart Analytics frame pops-up.

For example it makes sense to pop up when creating a new incident but not always when much when editing an existing incident.

Further on, it could be useful to add additional conditions based on the incident field or operator to control the behaviour.


  • For some attributes, an intelligent search (context-aware search) opens when you enter them on the right side. We don't mind that the panel opens, sometimes it's actually quite handy. But what bothers us is that when you close the panel via the X, it always reopens immediately as soon as you continue typing in the corresponding field.This is not very intuitive and, as written, for me already borders on penetrance, that the search always opens again and I would like that SM at least, as long as I have a form open and work in it, notices when I close the search and the panel does not constantly reopen.

  • We are running Service Manager v9.62 and also require some improvements in this area.  Some users (for example Service Desk) want context-aware searches to automatically trigger when they are logging new interactions. Users with other job roles find it more of a distraction and some have asked for it to be switched to manual.   With the current system-wide options we are not able to please all users and therefore are providing a frustrating user experience to some.

    If there was a user preference setting this would allow all users to get the user experience they require and improve user perception of the product.

  • , this setting will disable automatic context-aware search for system-wide, so this is not what we need.

    I the mean time I found that changing the Smart Search action handler to se.global_context_aware offers the "Enable Condition " option. This gives a lot of flexibility but the disadvantage is that for the items that are excluded, it will not only stop the automatic context-aware search  but also remove the context-aware search icon that allows manual context-aware search. Making two seperate conditions like this, one for automatic context-aware search and one for the icon) would cover everything and provide full flexibility.

  • , if you are talking about the contextual search, there is a configuration "Manually trigger context-aware search" to control if the side bar occur automatically. you can find the detail description at

    but it will open/close the auto-trigger for both "new" and "edit" scenarios.

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