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Provide Option to run Actions defined in Process Designer in separate thread

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Waiting for Votes
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over 3 years ago

With document engine display option it was possible to execute a RAD-Application in a separate thread that leaded to a new tab to be opened. This option is not available with Actions defined in Process Designer.

Same functionality as with document engine should be available with Process Designer. The lack of the ability to use a separate thread with Process designer causes extra effort for the end user or makes the developer use display option entry instead of Process Designer Action

Add an option Use separate Thread in Process Designer Action Tab to enable actions to run in separate threads.
Basically, there should be an option to assign separate threads for specific actions within Process Designer. For example starting new "Create Task" thread from change workflow.

TEST SCENARIO (can be hundreds of scenarios and different modules like change management)
When opening a new Incident and then opening a new Incident Task, the according process should be executed in a new thread to enable the user to look at the incident and the task simultaneously and allows him to copy-paste information from the incident to the task.

1. Manually open the records again to be able to copy-paste the information or to see what they users want.
2. Create a new Display Option as there the option to run RAD in a different thread exists, so suggestion is to call the ruleset from there. This is not an acceptable as it requires tailoring.

This is related to QCCR1E106601 which is really old.