Idea ID: 2820065

Provide the option to show additional explanatory texts in an offering when a user option is filled

Status : Delivered
9 months ago

When an end user chooses an offering and puts data into a user option it should be possible to place some additional explanatory text next (under) the user option e.g. to explain the impact of the user's choice.

This would improve the intuitive selection of the right options for the end user and so improve his portal experience.

Today we cn already make an additional user option e.g. a checkbox with a long label that holds such an explanatory text visible but that workaround has some drawbacks: The check box would be displayed even if it serves no purpose and that user option would get transferred into the created request although it is not needed.

What we'd need is something like an additional "user option type" that is just a text and no value and therefore only lives in the offering/portal.