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Public reports that users can use to show information based on the groups they are in

Status : Declined
over 3 years ago

Briefly describe your idea
Public reports that users can use to show information based on the groups they are in, not predefined groups.

Why is this important, when it would it be used
This will simply report creation because the report can be defined once and be used by many different users to show the information that is relevant to that user.

If you were designing the solution, how would  you do it?
Add a 'My Groups' special filter critera that will apply based on the user who is viewing the report.


  • Thank you for your idea. At this time, your idea hasn’t received enough community support and doesn’t align with our priorities so we are closing this idea. But we may review this again in the future. Thank you for your support and continue posting & voting on ideas to help make our products better.
  • Same here with my current customer. They want to have control over the list of reports available for inclusion in a user's Dashboard. Ideally, it should be possible for an administrator to pre-design a custom Dashboard for a specific user-community.

    At least, it should be possible to limit access to reports, either by role or by group. This should specifically also be possible for locked OOTB reports.

  • It is a frequent request by customers to have Public views restricted to a group or assigned by default to a group.

    Why is this important

    Customer can't cover the scenarios with just public views as the operators would have to select the proper view according to their needs from a huge list and private views would not be an option as large number of agents are spread over n00 groups and who is the admin can't manually manage them

  • Thank you for sharing your idea! Let’s hear what the community has to say. Once there is enough community traction, it will be reviewed by the product team.