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[QCCR1E132980]: "notes" functionality needed to make notices to changes, incidents etc.

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over 1 year ago

[QCCR1E132980]: "notes" functionality needed to make notices to changes, incidents, interactions

This is an IDEA for Service Manager in version 9.6x or higher

In Module “Incident Management” Web Client Users can use the "Notes"-functionality to note down additional information beside the standard process.

This functionality would be much appreciated if available in other Modules too AND if the text would not be stored in SM-internally BLOB-fields but in TEXT –fields so the notes could get accessed/read by external reporting tool.


So This request is twofold:


A: Please add the "Notes"-functionality to other SM modules like interactions changes, etc…


B: Please convert the BLOB field into a TEXT field to enable external reporting solutions to access the Notes