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Real time integrations for SMAX and Operations Orchestration/REST

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Waiting for Votes
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8 months ago

Summary: provide a method for SMAX to execute and wait for Operations Orchestrations flows, possibly also REST calls, to provide real-time integrations and functionality.

Use cases: I have a customer moving to SMAX from a legacy tool that has a few real-time integration/automation features.

It has a button on the agent screen "check store connection" that runs a shell script, does ping/tracert and checks the results, then updates the button color and shows some text results. Sure that would be better done automatically by a monitoring tool etc, but they would like this feature. In SMAX we can have a button/rule/OO flow that could do this, but no method to get that result back to the screen in real-time. It would have to have the record saved, so OO has a record to update, then the agent would need to refresh the screen.

Another example is a knowledge article to reset a store device, the article knows the store because of the user login, they get a list of devices at that store, click, it displays that the reset was successful, and creates a record to log the action. In SMAX this would need to be a catalog item, user options, rules/OO flow to perform the action. Again there would be no real-time feedback to the user that the action completed. If the user remains in the portal, they would get a notification that the record was closed, and could configure email when closed. But again it's not a real-time event.

I would think there are many more use cases where we want a real-time execution and status/results displayed to an agent or user, but we only have async/background processing available. Password reset, reset PC or device, etc.

Idea suggestions:

  1. Provide a configuration in OO and SMAX, that an OO flow should be executed real-time, vs default/current background/async method. OO probably has metrics on execution time and could show that or warn/restrict certain flows to have this setting.
  2. Ability for SMAX to wait on a screen for response from OO and display to a user. Dialogs/options, prompt "this automation will happen in real time", or "this should complete quickly please wait", or "you can wait for this to complete, or continue your work and you'll receive notification/email/closure when done".
  3. Ability for SMAX to update records while on-screen, without reloading, or having an indicator that the record was updated-click to refresh. Let an integration update a form field while the user is on the form.
  4. Provide an OO flow/status/update widget, that could be embedded on agent or portal forms, to show that a flow is initiated, running, completed or other status changes, html output build and display visual representation of output results.