Idea ID: 2834063

Record portal search history in SM for analysis

Status : Delivered
8 months ago

In SM using IDOL (before the portal) searches were stored in the SM database and could be analysed by knowledge administrators, this allowed them to view popular searches and also search with 0 results.  Knowing this detail enabled administrators to add synonyms and keywords to improve the search ability of knowledge.

The portal should add records to the kmsearchhistory table in SM when a user executes a search along with the username, query, returned hits and any relevant context.

Our major customers use this extensively in the traditional SM solution and not having this capability in the new portal means that tuning the search engine is more complex.


  • From SMA-SM 2021.02, when you perform a search from Service Portal, the keyword and hit counts are now logged in Service Manager. The statistics are collected in the kmsearchhistory table for tracking all search activity.

  • I think this feature would be great to have!


  • I'm voting for this as this functionality exists in SRC, SM web client and in SMAX(Hot Ticket user searches) but it's not in the SMA-SM Service Portal. 

    There's also the fact that Adobe Flash is EOL Dec 2020. For customers who planing to replace SRC with SMA-SM Portal, it's not good that the newer SMA-SM Service Portal is missing the functionality to analyse users searches which were in older UIs.