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Reduce the 1h delay for Oracle full-text index synchronization

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Waiting for Votes
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8 months ago

The IR component is using the full-text-index capabilies of the RDBMS since SM 9.62 and replaces the older IR approach with scirexpert table. It actually is a lot faster has a lot of benefits.

For Oracle, there is a sm.ini parameter called "ir_pending_secs" that sets the time for the index synchronization. It currently has a minimum value for 3600 seconds - so the full-text-index will be up to 1h old.

Scenario: When a new incident is logged, it will not appear in full-text-search results for 1 hour.

This also might impact the "Search similiar incident" functionality.


So the requested enhancement is that this synchronization time can be configured significantly lower.

In case system-specifics need to be considered, they should be documented: That would allow the SM admin to consider the best configuration for his system.