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Relate Multiple Records (incidents, changes) Within the Same Dialog Box

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over 3 years ago

Service Manager (all versions) only allow to relate one single record from the Related Records tab.

User wants to select multiple records when being asked to select the related records.
Basically, to offer multiple choice checkbox and [Mass Select] option on the related records list to accomplish this.

1. From the System Navigator, Go to Incident Management
2. Click on Search Incidents
3. Look for the an incident e.g. IM10010 record or any record that is no closed
4. Go to the Related Records tab
5. Select a Link Type
6. Click on Link Existing Record
7. Click Search
8. Click Search again
9. A list will be returned, if a list is not return, select a different Link Type in step 5
10. Notice that only one record can be selected.

Relate each record one by one. This is not acceptable as administrator consider this feature can easily be controlled using a mass select option.

This is related to QCCR1E129544