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Remove/edit option for + symbol from login page

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago

Hi Team 

  • Brief Description
    •      Currently we are able to change everything in login page of SMAX except the + symbol .
  • Benefits / Value
    •      When we give option to customer to change everything except this option, they are coming back and asking why we cant change only this  and also looking to add something specific to their organization 
  • Design details
    •     The “+” symbol is generated by script called “template-XXXXXXXX.js” it is inside the “idm” pod.  You can edit that script inside the pod, but the problem is if the idm pod gets re-started then they will all be reset to their original .So it will be great if there is a way to make it permanent .

      Location of that file inside the idm pod --> ./webapps/idm-service/ui/scripts/templates-9acb3e39fd.js

Would request product team and R&D to consider this as currently apart from this we can edit everything