Idea ID: 1670628

Remove need for unique E-mail in account

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

We need to be able to create different users with the same E-mail address, but this is no longer possible in 2018.08.

User case: A user has two or more different roles within the company, with different login ID, and a need for different access rights depending on his/her role. But, he/she has the same E-mail address regardless.

Harald Bjørnstad



  • We have reviewed this idea and determined that it is a defect (was working in previous release). 

  • Shouldn't SMAX capture the real world? This is one person doing different roles and not 3 different persons doing 3 different roles. Shouldn't you be asking for SMAX to allow a single unique user be allow to assume multiple roles within the company? This should be allowed and I think it's already possible. Might not be possible within different tenants/companies but in that case if the individual is working for 2 different companies, they should have 2 different email addresses. I digress.