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Remove the description page from support catalog in SRC

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Already Offered
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over 2 years ago

Brief Description:

Created a launcher in our support catalog, when requesting a support through these launchers, the scenario act as the following:
1- Click "support" from navigation > click the launcher, then the description page display [attachment:page1.png]
3- Click "Request" button, then the details form display to enter details [attachement:page2.png]
4- User fill details and click Submit button, then a new interaction being created. [attachment:page3.png]
In first step in the last scenario, we need to bypass the description page and go to the form page directly, simply on click the launcher, open the details form [page3.png]


Benefits / Value:

Availibility to bypass the discription page when requesting an item which may be not needed for customers.


Design detail:

Make it available to enable/disable viewing description page or bypass it when requesting an item, may be by using a flag or something like that.



  • Hi,

     It seems that SRC OOB behaves exactly like what you requested , you can refer to the screenshot at the bottom.

     1) Click "Create" button after switching to Support tab in main page; 

     2) Then the detail form prompt dirctly for uers to input all the values, NO description page is displayed.


    I am not sure what is the launcher you mentioned, seems that the out of box functionalities can satisfy your needs. thanks.