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Remove the synchronization from SAML to SMAX

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Already Offered
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over 2 years ago

Hello team, 

Customer is importing User via CIT. All user data is up to date once the import was done. However, when SAML user logs in, the vaules will be sync-ed to SMAX.

In customer's case, ADFS does not expose all attributes from AD (for example, office phone number has value in AD, but ADFS cannot expose this field), thus even we mapped the corresponding fields, those like office phone number will be set to NULL in BO.

They are expecting to keep the user data imported from CIT, that SMAX stops the sync from SAML, or overwritting the fields which already have value in BO. 

The authenication should authenticate users only, not to update the existing data.


  • Hi  

    I think this is a configuration issue. You need to include the field correctly in the SAML configuration (it’s called an outgoing claim type in the SAML config file). Closing this idea, but we can easily re-open if I'm not understanding