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Report limitation in SMAX

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over 1 year ago

When we try to pull raw data from report for eg. Monthly, the records we pull are only limited to 800 records. Since the customer has so many tickets which ranges from 1000-3000 a month, it would be really helpful if they can extract all the tickets without any limitations. I

Here are the steps to replicate the issue in-house:

1. Goto Service Management --> Reports --> New Report- Operational raw data report

  Enter "Display Label" and "Filter by" Request and Save it.

2. From the "Report properties", "Filter by" Creation date and check the reports displayed.

   It shows "800+" records on the top, however checking the list of records display, it is not showing all.

 If the record number crosses 800, the records are not showing up after that (i.e, more than 800  records,the latest records are  not listing).