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Reports on Person to Group Mapping

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over 1 year ago

Hi Team,

Currently, there is no way where we can see Person to Group Mapping in SMAX and the report can not be extracted based on that as well.

Suppose, if there is 200 Groups and 2000 members / agents are associated to those groups, it is really tough to go through each of those groups and check the associated members. 

I know that we have "associations" REST API which can be used to fetch but customer is not at all ready to use REST API every time and moreover they would love to have all those information in the UI.

Hence, it would be really beneficial if we could have the option to add Many to Many fields in Columns or the reports can be fetched based on that in the upcoming releases so that the customer need can be fulfilled from SMAX UI itself. 



Avijit Chatterjee

Micro Focus India