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requerimos que serviceManager genere un Log que contenga Información de operacion de Usuarios

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago

Solicitamos su ayuda a fin de que nos ayuden en la identifiación de los parametros
correctos para enriquezer un log de la herramienta Service manager,
dicho log Requerimos que contenga la Información :Ver los datos de usuarios,
estatus, ip de acceso, que hizo, donde,
cuando y sobre que modulo.


  • Hello  

    The idea is written in Spanish and I did a google translate. In order to make sure we understand the idea clearly,  I would like to confirm that you like Service Manager to record some information, like user name and his/her IP Adress and which module he/she is using, right? Actually these messages are there under System Status -> System Monitor.  You can add columns through more menue to get more information. Please try and let us know what other information customer would like to record. 

    It would be appreciated that you can use English to comments more so we can understand each other clearly. Thanks!

  •  sorry we can not understand your requirement, could you please type it in english? Thank you