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Request on Behalf Functionality in SMA-SM

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In SMA-SM Service Portal, if user wants to do "Request on Behalf", Tenant Admin needs to add the users in Source Group and Target group. After adding the users in the groups, it allows to use the Request on Behalf functionality.

Also, we don't see an option to mass load of the users to the groups(Source and Target groups). Many Organization contain more than 50k users and it's difficult to add users manually. So, it's better to provide the functionality to get the users by default in Request of Behalf option(Instead of adding users to groups) or provide the option to load the users in bulk(mass load).



  • We make extensive use of access filters on our catalog items to ensure that items that are region, country or business unit specific are not visible to parts of the organization for which they are not relevant,  and for which workflow will not have been considered.   "Request on behalf" is therefore key for us when a user from one part of the organization is requesting on behalf of a user in another.  Our service desk agents in particular make significant use of this capability within the SRC portal today - The option to configure SMA-SM to permit any contact to request on behalf of any other contact would be ideal (as per SRC) as restrictions within the SMA-SM portal where users need to be maintained within Source and Target groups is not practical for us to manage manually and any attempt to automate, is likely to add unnecessary complexity.. 

    What we need is the same "Universal request on behalf" functionality that is already available within SMAX to become available in SMA-SM.