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Requirement is to auto populate user details

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over 2 years ago

How to auto-populate user details in SMA service Portal. I am new to SMA Service Portal. Please help to get user details auto populate like User manager, User dept, User login ID.

These details need to be auto populated in SMA.



Shaffali kaul



  • Hi Ming,

    Customer is running SMA-SM 2018.05 mixed mode. They would like to capture User’s Manager, Dept, Login ID. All these values should get auto-populate when user logs in SMA to raise case from SMA Service Portal.

    His/Her details should get auto capture from SM like Requested for is coming, as below

    The information is not just for display.

    It should be seen in the ticket like “Requested for” and it should be stored in the ticket also.

    It seems to be a customization request - to add fields in service portal.

    Please let me know if any further information is required.

  •  Please understood that the Idea forum is not for posting questions. If you do have some enhancement request to be submitted through idea exchange, please help provide more details about the idea. e.g. use case need to be supported...  

    Thank you