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Reset Approvals for Request Management - SMAX

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago


Reset Approvals is available for Change Management and the same is not available for Request Management .

Currently if the ticket is denied the Request is closed and the requestor needs to open a new ticket 

Benefits / Value : 

By implementing this it will save lot of time and effort of requestor rather then  raising same  ticket again and again , instead if the ticket is denied it should reset approval and move the ticket to Log or Sales Ordering phase.

Design details: 

Create a transistion line between Approval and Sales ordering . Condition of transition line is as below 

${entity.ApprovalStatus == 'Denied' && entity.CompletionCode != null}

Transition from Approval to close is removed .

I have attached the screenshot of design 

Current Scenario after implementing design 

When the ticket is in Approval phase and if it is denied the ticket moves back to Sales Ordering , after which we are not able to move ticket from Service Ordering phase , it will be stuck .

R&D and product team both informed this will be a new design and should go via Idea exchange .