Idea ID: 1681330

Resizing Service Portal category boxes

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago


This is a feedback from 3 different customers (2 of them using SMA-SM and one using SMAX). If the end user is using small sized screen they only see the first 2 lines of categories on Service Portal screen. If there are more than 6 categories, they have to scroll down to see the rest. If there are many categories it is unavoidable but if there are less than e.g. 12, they should be able to see them at once without scrolling for a better user experience. According to our own experience, many Customer's service catalog have 5 to 10 main categories. So, reducing the size of the boxes or giving an configurable option to change size, would be good for a better user experience.


  • Thank you for your idea. At this time, your idea hasn’t received enough community support and doesn’t align with our priorities so we are closing this idea. But we may review this again in the future. Thank you for your support and continue posting & voting on ideas to help make our products better.

  • I'd definitely like to see this come along. I've tried to limit how many rows we use (currently two for most users, but some see a third row) because I'd like it for users to not have to scroll down far or at all.