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Restrict attachment visibility from Agent Portal to User Portal

Status : Duplicate
over 1 year ago

Requirement : Attachment should not be visible on Service Portal user interface for the End user when it is attached from Agent Interface.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Create a request in Service Portal (donot add any attachments here)

2. Open the same request in Agent UI --> Service Request

3. Add attachments in the request from Agent UI

4. The attachments are visible on the Service Portal request too, which customer wants to hide.

  If we use the "Hide attachment in Self -Service Portal" option in Offering, the whole attachment section is hiding in the portal which customer doesn't want. They only wants to hide attachments for Service Portal Users which are attached from Agent Interface, not complete attachment section. They don't want to restrict  service portal users to add an attachment. They must have rights to see "Add Attachments" option.

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