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Result list in smartsearch

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over 1 year ago

We need some optimization for the overview of smart search result. I attached a picture for more details.

Our request are:

1-The title is cut off and you have to drag the window very far to the left if you want to see the whole title. Here the possibility to force a line break after a certain width would be better for the user. Usually the user has to see the whole title to make sure that it is the right entry.

2-The confusion under the title (yellow frame) cannot be influenced. The indexed fields of the record are displayed there. It is not possible to hide them and a formatting of this area is not possible. This small preview does not help the user in the assessment whether it concerns the correct entry. He must always use "Expand" to display the further details. 3-That brings the next, the Use Buttons cannot be specified directly next to the Expand, the user cannot use the found knowledge immediately but must always use the Expand to display the buttons to then use the knowledge.

We would like to have the possibility to optimize this result list.