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Route chat assignment based on a major topics list

Status : Waiting for Votes
Waiting for Votes
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over 3 years ago

Brief Description

In the SMA-Portal, when users start a new chat, a customizable list of options should be available in order to route the appropiate Service Desk group.

Benefits / Value

In a large organization, several service desk groups can exists, each one attending a specific type of requests. Take this example into account: one customer has an IT Service Desk group attending IT related requests, a Shared Services service desk takes another kind of request, and finally, Human Resources has its own service desk group. Since there are asignment routing rules in the Chat request workflow, an user input can help in routing to the appropiate service desk group.  

Design details

In the chat window could exist a customizable list of values (eg. Globallist), the user can choose one value (eg. I have an IT issue, Contact Human Resources, ..., ) and this value can be taken into account in the assignment rules.


  • I removed SMAX from the label. In SMAX, the chat has the context of the ticket first, and therefore routes for that service. (Chat without the context of a service can be logged as a separate Idea to keep the voting different from this one.)