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SACM integration between SM 9.6 and AM 9.63 with Connet-IT 9.8

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Already Offered
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May i ask you to check the SACM integraiton within SM 9.6 and AM 9.63 through Connet-it 9.8


based on KW shared by your team it only 9.41 this is the last version shared by MF


Just if can we got confirmation from your engineer that the integration still supported by MF between SM 9.6 and AM 9.63 and same workflow for SACM will be applicabile for new releases



Majd Qattash



  • Hi There,

    A quick answer is all SACM related integrations have been certified with the recent product versions. Below is my answer in detail.

    • The last SACM release was 9.41 introduced in 2015, and the relevant docs e.g. concept guide and configuration guide can be found out on SSO.
    • I quickly checked your support case SD02172715, where the product versions UCMDB 10.33, SM 9.6, AM 9.63 are mentioned.
    • In fact, SACM is a pure integration solution, consisting of several integrations, #351, #415, #816, #817, and #820, where the product versions UCMDB 10.33, SM 9.6, AM 9.63 mentioned about are certified. Additionally, you can still refer to the SACM 9.41 docs (mentioned above) for reference when building up these integrations.

    I hope it helps clarify. I moved the idea status to Already Offered.


    Best Regards,