Idea ID: 1789307

SACM search results filter 'All' needs to show all results of the data objects

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

We encountered in the SACM section of SMAX that search results appear not to be consistent. For example when using a search phrase, the search results in the overview with filter 'All' does show some results.

However, when using a specific filter (Service Components, Service Definitions, Asset Models, etc.) with the same search phrase other results are shown.

With the search filter 'All' an overview of a certain amount of SACM data objects is given. When using a filter on the data objects, it shows more data objects of the selected data object.

For example: using the filter 'All', five Service Definitions are given. Using the filter 'Service Definitions' you will see more.

This situation confuses users.

We would like to see that the filter 'All' shows all results of the data objects. Also we would like to see that when filtering on a specific data object, less results are shown than filtering on 'All'.