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Same request chart phase in My Request and inside the request with the shopping cart disabled

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago

Currently, the request phase in PR and POR can be different which could make sense if shopping cart is enabled due to one order could have different requests.

When the shopping cart is disabled, there is only one request per order and then the phase in portal should be the same for both, PR and POR but currently it is not in some stages.

Attaching a couple of screenshots to clarify this idea: In the first attached screenshot (phase1.png) , we can see that the POR00858-PR000859 is in "Fulfillment" phase (Cumplimiento in Spanish) in My Requests.
In the second one(phase2.png), we can see this request is in the forth phase of the chart, Validation (Validacion in Spanish)

We thought that this is a defect but in QCIM1E148200 we were said this is working as designed, even when it makes no sense from our point of view.