Idea ID: 2840609

Schedule report enhancement - see history of send reports by schedule

Status : Waiting for Votes
6 months ago

When setting up a schedule to send report, we need a history for the schedule. Today, we only see what is meant to be sent out, we don’t know if the report actually is sent, or when it was sent. When a customer complains about a scheduled report not received, we can’t find if the report was sent, or if it was anything wrong with the report sending.

We would like the schedule to generate a record every time it runs. The record could have fields for sending time, sent to, included attachment, successful/not successful.

If a report is scheduled to be sent first day every month, we could click on the schedule and have a list of records presenting all the reports been sent by the specific schedule entity. Then we can document what’s been sent, and discover any errors when sending.