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Search using ID when linking records together

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Under Consideration
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over 2 years ago


Right when we want to attach records together (by example link a request and an incident), we have to use the smart search.

We would like to also be able to search by id directly without using smarta, that would allow use to find record not yet indexed easily.

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  • Opened an idea as Easy and fast way to relate records - Micro Focus Community - 2867077 to achieve this and +1 option.

  • We have to save requirement and hope this issue will be prioritized.

  • Hello,

    one year later, sometimes [ often...], we still can not link all our Requests to their Incidents

    When creating a Request, Incident does not raise into the "recent incident bubble" on the top of the screen.

    Then, we want to find the incident to link them together, but we are unable to find the incident in smartsearch. Sometimes it works (for the same incident) and it stops to work.

    Helpdesk operators can't do their job, and managers have to find back requests to link them (if they manage to).

  • May be there should be a customer/partner  field survey for the  issues/expectations for this product against the competition(cherwell/SNOW/etc)  or even the legacy(HPSM) features that are must have and we should not have to pitch them as ideas.


  • Hello, This is one of the functionality which is being used most by our users. sometime its very difficult for them to work. it would be really great if we can have this enchantment soon.