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Self Service Portal (mobile app) does not support change approval record

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Waiting for Votes
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9 months ago

Hello everyone,

On mobile application, change approval records are not listed and users cannot approve these records by using the self-service portal.
All of our customers are very pleased with the mobile application except this missing feature.
As you may understand, some of them are constantly mobilize during the day and do not have any time even to login their computer.
However, there is no point in suggesting logging into the system using a browser on their mobile phone when they use the mobile app. Causes user dissatisfaction with the product.



  • This is reported in Idea 1648326: Ability to see change approvals in Service Portal mobile application

    UPDATE SMAX 2020.08

    The mobile app does not support Change approvals in the mobile app. This is a highly requested feature. One common use case is the Emergency Change approvals, where the approvers in the ECAB need to give the approval / denial in a timely basis; if they need to go the web application and to see the details of the approval, they take more time than expected. Also, having in mind that approvers can be some technical executives who are moving they won't have access to a terminal easily.