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Send iCalendar file url or attachment via email

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over 1 year ago

Email notifications to assignee, contact, coordinator etc should have url or attachment  to iCalendar file based on parent record or task  etc. 


  •  Our main goal is to give users easy one click solution to add change, release or request record as an event to personal calendar.  

    Let's say there's new change record assigned to me. Me or related group gets new email notification to handle it. It would be nice to add iCalendar file that uses change record meta like coordinator, assignee, planned start, planned end and description etc to email notification as an attachment or specific link/url where I can download it or open it with my Outlook or other mail client to add it to my calendar.

  •   Could you please provide more detailed information about this requirement which can help to evaluate? Or an user scenario to let us understand where or how to use it in production environment?