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Service Catalog - To be able to look for partial words of catalog items

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over 1 year ago


We have recently implemented the Service catalog in our SM 9.60 system.

Currently we have more tan 30 ítems published and the number Will increase more and more.

Currently, the search tool of Service catalog only Works when you are looking for a complete Word, for example if you look for "New Firewall Rule" item and you include the keyword "Rule" the item is found, but if you include the keyword "Firew" no results are found.

We want to have the capability to look for partial words in the Service catalog search feature.


  • Hi  

    The behavior you described above is by design.  Let me explain it: 

    Basically, Order from Catalog is using IR search technology. And when searching, it will search out the "keywords stemming", that is, when you search "Fire", it will search "Fire", "Fired", "Fires", "Firing". But Firewall is another word. If there're no catalogs with Firing or Fires, the searching returns no records found.  IR Search also supports query with wild cards(*), however, it also follows "keyword stemming" in versions prior to SM9.62. 

    In SM9.62, we have refactored IR technology. One of the changes is improved IR search with wildcard(*), so in SM9.62 and above version, when you search Fire*, you can get records with Fires, Firing as well as Firewall. You can have it a try on our latest SM version SM9.64. 

    You can refer to a detailed document from here:

    This is an SM Server upgrade with a few database configurations. You can refer to this doc for details:




  • Hi,

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Open Service catalog.

    2. Look for an existing Word, for example Firewall:

    3. Results are returned.

    4. Look for a partial Word. For example Fire:

    5. Results are not found.

    6. Look for a partial Word with Wildcard. For example Fire*:

    7. Results are not found.


    Expected result: In step 5 and 7 results are found.


  •  please provide more detailed steps to reproduce the issue, thanks

  • I was sure the  search has a wildcard feature.

    I searched on language and found my KM

    I searched on lang* and nothing found. Weird.

    I search on  * and found this, "" * " is not a valid search string. Search strings that contain wildcards contain at least 3 characters (excluding the wildcards)."

    I searched on lan* and found my KM.

    Try with Fir*. SP seems to restrict wildcard search to 3 character. Not sure if that is a bug or not.