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Service Manager: Default to JGroups TCP instead of UDP

Status : Waiting for Votes
over 3 years ago

Brief Description

When installing SM, it should by default use JGroups TCP.


Benefits / Value

Our expirience is that SM on JGroups TCP works very stable and the configuration is not limited to all SM nodes in same subnet, and its scalable.

JGroups UDP is an unreliable protocol. Stability is acchieved by repeating messages etc.

SMA-SM is also using TCP mode.

Examples: large systems and HA installations with geographically separated cluster members, etc.


Design details

Both JGroups UDP and TCP are supported by SM already - so this is simply requesting update of default setting.


  • I'd like to take this idea back - please close it.

    Background is looking at limitations of JGroups TCP as described in Yuri's idea here:

    Even JGroups documentation ( has concerns for larger cluster:


    This is slow, as the cost of sending a group message is O(n) with TCP, where it is O(1) with UDP. As the cost of sending a group message with TCP is a function of the cluster size, it becomes higher with larger clusters.


    We recommend to use UDP for larger clusters, whenever possible