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SM - Dropdown Autocomplete to match with "Contains" (e.g. Dashboard selection, Smart Search Filter)

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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over 2 years ago

The SM Dropdown type ahead selection is not providing the state of the art usability of "auto complete".

Users are used to auto complete features with 

- match the term entered with contains (like)

- the term match is highlighted somehow e.g. bold or colored

For Link Attribute the auto complete query can be influenced to do a like query and therefore there is no real issue - eventhough here the term match highlighting is also missing.

For Drop Down selection on Forms there is no way to workaround the issue. The Client always performs a "startswith" match. Would be nice to get a forms designer setting to influence the drop down term matching.

There are areas which can not be influenced at all (RTE Binary Areas):

- Dashboard selection

- Smart Search Match Filters

Imagine the Filter for Affected Service - maybe contains 200 different values depending on the search term entered by the user - if the relevant service is named something like "SVC-IT-INFRA-EMAIL" it is truly not user friendly if the user is forced to enter exactly this term - the user will type "mail" and expects the system to find the service within the drop down values)

Or Imagine the Filter for user Full Names - the name is either "Smith, John" or "John Smith" - for a user it should not make difference if he enters the first name or last name - the drop down attribute needs to match it and find the value.