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SM Forms Design Colors to support RGB or HEX - it still offers just 4-Bit VGA colors!!

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Waiting for Votes
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10 months ago

Dear Micro Focus Product Mgmt

Since the windows client is absolutely not relevant anymore and I guess most  Clients have moved to webclients anyways. All I ask for is the ability to set a Color Hex code within the Forms designer for Foreground or Background Colors. They don't need to be supported by the Windows Client.

Form my perspective it will not create a lot of efforts to make the webtier reading that additional form parameter and use it. This is a simple thing that allows to slightly improve the usually quite bad SM user acceptance.

Thank you very much for considering this in the next planned release. I guess this investment make sense and should not cost more than a few PDs. 





    Hi Armin

    Agree - if there would be the possibility to define within a table an unlimited number of colors using hex-code and assign each color a name and then offer within the forms designer a dropdown of these predefined colors would also be an option.

    This would maybe provide a better user experience when designing forms.

    But in the end I could live also with a HEX Code which might be simpler and faster to implement. As customer I could define the standard colors to be used else where and copy paste the values from there.

    FYI - we managed to customize the predefined 16 colors within the webtier and define our own 16 color palette (geometry.xls file) - this improved the situation a bit - but we are still limited to 16. 

    Best regards



  • While there are web client branding options, and color indicators for charts, 16 hard-coded colors in forms designer sounds really limited. So you may be right to raise this. Still I wonder, if business users really want to work with hex codes for colors....

    So I would suggest ability to define a custom palette of named colors that also may exceed the limitation of 16 more usable approach.

    On the other hand using HTML color names ( may be a too large palette. A customer-specified palette for FD would be best choice in my opinion.