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SM HTML Viewer to support AJAX (partial screen rendering)

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Waiting for Votes
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9 months ago

We overcome a lot of the product limitations based on database engine (not relational) and quite limited forms designer with HTML Visualizations.

HTML Visualizations are very fast, allow state of the art visualization of data and especially allow to join any data together from various tables.

The HTML Visualizations can be interactive by providing links/buttons using so called "scactivelinks". This URLs invoke an SM displayevent which allows to evaluate expressions or a RAD applications.

That works quite fine - but unfortunately eachtime a displayevent is being processed the whole screen is refreshing and there is no way to keep the focus within the HTML Viewer. This leads to a bad user experience especially if the HTML Viewer is presenting a larger amount of data and requires to scroll down the screen. Upon each click the screen moves to top and the user needs to scroll down again.

It is difficult to explain that behaviour to a customer in 2020. Would be great if the product would make a step a head and would be modernized in that area. Maybe it is possible to refresh only the i-frame displaying the html content and especially keep the focus within that iframe using AJAX (paritial screen re-rendering)