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SM Portal Admin/Modification documentation

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Already Offered
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over 2 years ago

This is just one example of multiple modifications to the Portal that we would like to perform but it does not seemt that there is such facility in this tool to make any modifications.  See below.  We have installed the portal in mixed mode scenerio 1 and it has pulled in our SRC catalog items. We want to make modifications to what is shown in the portal to the customer. One example, after a record is submitted, and it is pending approval on the Service Manager side, we would like to see who is responsible for those pending approvals via the portal record. Currently, we only get an Approval History, showing, after it is approved, that it had two approvals but does not show any details like who perfomred the approval or denial. I have searched for this modification type documentation but have found nothing as of yet. If anyone could point me to some kind of SM Portal Admin/Modification type documentation, beyond the help docs, I would really appreciate it.

SM Server RTE Version: 9.60.0025
SM Server Application Version: 9.60.0025
SM Server OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 6.1 Build 7601
SM Server RDBMS and Version: Oracle 11g
SM Client RTE Version: 9.60.0025
SM Web Tier Version: 9.60.0025
Web Server and Version: 9.60.0025
Web Browser and Version: IE 11
Java Version: 8
RAD Debugger => d $ true
Identify if CDF (container), Suite or SM? 2018.05
Identify Mode: SMA-SM or SMA-X and Version? SMA-SM Mixed Mode Scenario 1