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SM Smart Search Query Form

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Currently Smart Search is awesome, but is very user unfriendly.  Please provide a normal, 'for non-geeks" query search form to allow users to filter on various fields - you know....the kind of search forms used for virtually every search engine in the world - Except MF Smart Search.

Seriously, Smart Search is AWESOME tool, with an absolute atrocious user front end.  How could HPE/MF spend so many billions on purching this tool from Autonomy, they provide it to users with such a user interface that sucks so badly?



Stacy Whetzell



  •  in such case, this is an potencial enhancemnt reuqest, which is not supported in OOB yet

  • But user could at least be offered means to filter based on the indexed fields in IDOL.

  • for item 1, you need to reindex the incident library after you changed the configurations.

    regarding to item 2, we don't support user level filter settings for now. as you know, all filters actually need to indexed into IDOL in a special way, that is why a reindex is needed. also this makes it hard to open to each end user.


    Best regards,

    Nai Long

  • NaiLong Wen - Thanks very much for the suggestion.

    However,this soultion seems insufficient on two levels

    1.  I change a lot of settings to True for Incidnet Library, yet when searching Incidents, I see no differences.

    2.  The Search Filters I need, are for end users to be able to set filters on the fly, on a local level, not global.  If they search again, they should be able to reset any earlier set filters.  IE, just like Normal Query forms for Searching..


    Thank you very much

    Stacy Whetzell

  •  filters in Smart Search are actually configurable. there is a column named "match" in the knowledgebase configuration page, I copied the description for this column from our public help doc below for your reference. hope it can meet your request.


    By setting the field in this column to "true," the system indexes the field's content as an advanced search filter for Smart Search in this knowledgebase. The search engine searches this individual field with the Advanced Search filter. For example, if you set the Category field as true, this field is used as an advanced search filter. If you leave this value as empty, it applies the false value.