Idea ID: 1651732

SM9: API: make field "Affected Service" available/accessible via API from OO

Status : Declined
over 3 years ago

SM9 offers the field "Name" in the "Affected Service" area in the GUI. But this field seems to to be accessible via API from OO.

The field "Affected Service:Name" should be available to be filled via API.


Please make this field accessible (read/write) via API so it can be used with OO.


  • It is SM 9.50.

    In the meantime I heard that the API was tailored. We will get in contact with the responsible people. So for the moment we can omit this request.

    Many tanks.

  • Could you please provide the detailed information and steps for this ER? For example, the version of service manager, the module and the business user case.

    I cannot find this in the out-of-box. Is it tailored? Appreciate you can provide the detailed steps to demonstrate this.