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SMA - Fast NonCart Items thought Service Portal

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

Current Behaviour:

For Non Cart Items (not shopping cart), the end users has to click for twice before submit the reguest. 

The firts screen is to fill user options and requested for fields. The most of cases, these items have not user options and the service portal displays one single field to be filled: "Requested For". That screen has one button "CheckOut"

Secondly, the end users has to edit the title and description and click on "Submit".

Expected Behaviour:

For this kind of items (non cart items), eliminate the first screen and display the second one including "Requested For" and "user options" sections.

I have attached 3 screenshots:

Capture_GenericRequest_First.JPG --> First Page for Non Cart Items (checkout)

Capture_GenericRequest_Second.JPG -->  Second Page for Non Cart Items (Subtmit & Edit. Cart Item Too).

Capture_GenericRequest_ExpectedBehaviour.JPG --> Expected Behaviour.