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SMA 2020.02 AND 2020.08 -Deactivate interaction section in the interaction request

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Waiting for Votes
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9 months ago



is there a possibility to desactivate the interaction section(see below. The user should not be able to add comments in an article once de request submitted 

interaction section.png


  • In that case, that's a fair ask. You have my vote.

    I couldn't find a setting to deactivate this. You might be able to customise the workflow to disallow this but SMA is not my area of expertise yet.

    You could try asking the SMA experts in the discussion forum.

  •   you are correct. However our business process does not allow our customers the possibility to add any comments or bring any adjustements once the request has been submitted. 

    Is there any possibility to deactivate this feature ? 




  • I think that functionality is to allow users to provide corrections to their submission or to add additional information that was missed in submission.