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SMA-SM - Smart Analytics/Smart Search - Filter Options hidden in smaller windows

Status : Waiting for Votes
Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago

In case the Smart Search pop-up window or the right panel is too small the filter and library selection is hidden.
A user will most probably not notice the filters at all and the user experience without the filters and library selection will not be good.
This is a strange responsive design approach. From our perspective it is not a good plan to hide functionality in case a sreen area becomes smaller. Best practice is to adjust the rendering/layout e.g. show a "hamburger icon" which offers the options within a overlay area.
Since at least the library selection is a vital part of the smart search function we consider this a product issue and not an enhancement (support/R&D sees this differently)

• SM Server version? 9.60.1017
• SM Client version? 9.60.1017
• Application version? 9.60.0025

Filter visible:


Filter not visible:smart_search_no_match_filter.jpg