Idea ID: 2826123

SMA-SM 2020.20 - The arrangement of the tiles cannot be changed

Status : Accepted
9 months ago

After creating categories, they are displayed in the Service Portal.

Unfortunately there is no possibility to change the arrangement at the moment. It seems that there is only an alphabetical order.

Also here it would be an advantage to be able to make an adjustment that corresponds to the customer.

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  • My customer consider this a native feature; it's hard to tell him that an enhancement request has to be raised.

  • Yes this is an annoyng issue, at the moment the only way to sort in a specific way is to add spaces at the beginning of the displayname !!! In SM there ia an ootb field called "Sort Order" that can be used but it is not yet considered. I hope R&D take into account this field or other ways to implement the personal sorting of the categories and items.